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Best Guitar Strings  v.1.0

Best guitar strings for Internet Explorer. A honest review about guitar strings. You can learn how to chang guitar strings directly from your

Changing Guitar Strings  v.1.0

Strings come in variety of gauges. The gauge of the string tells you the thickness of the strings. The lower the gauge the thinner the strings, higher gauges mean thicker strings. Most manufactures display the gauge size by the size (diameter) of the

Elixir Guitar Strings  v.1.0 - Elixir Guitar Strings are coated in a unique way to protect wound strings from your DNA and other

Guitar Strings  v.1.0 - the hottest guitar strings

Vintage Strings MkIII  v.1.1

Vintage Strings MkIII is a new super realistic virtual string machine VST instrument (VSTi) that perfectly recreates the lush sound of analog string machines. Like these old machines, Vintage Strings MkIII is a synthesizer that was especially

Find and replace text strings in multiple files software  v.2.0

This software allows you to search for a text string, or multiple text strings, and then replace that text in any number of files. You can scan for files recursively, or select individual files, and then apply the search and replace functionality to

Show Strings  v.2.0

Show Strings is ideal for the developer who wants to check that copyright messages and other text data is present in executables or libraries. It strips out blank space if desired and with drag and drop is easy and convenient to use.

Strings  v.2.40

Working on NT and Win2K means that executables and object files will many times have embedded UNICODE strings that you cannot easily see with a standard ASCII strings or grep programs. So we decided to roll our own. Strings just scans the file you

JSP i18n Tool - externalizing strings  v.1.0

The tool will automatically extract strings in a jsp file

Strings on Speed  v.0.9

Strings on Speed is a music video game similar to Frets on Fire in which players simulate guitar play using their keyboard.


This game's graphics were inspired by old movies with special effects made without the use of computers.

Enigmatic DNA Spinning Strings Saver  v.1.1

Chemical DNA Formula. How gifted was our creator. Will manhood find the desirable clues to these DNA secrets, will it be able to touch enigmatic world of DNA? Looking at these two spinning DNA string you shiver at the thought that these tiny things c

Libstrfunc - Strings manipulations.  v.8.3

Textual data processing solution for system administrators and Web programmers. The C library allows to manipulate string lists, CGI forms, MIME data, configuration files, logs parsing, regular expressions, date/time parsing, templates rewriting

Chilkat Encryption C++ Library  v.9.2.1

Software component for encrypting and decrypting both strings and binary data. IChilkat Encryption C++ Library implements symmetric encryption algorithms: Rijndael, Blowfish, Twofish. Also provides public-key encryption and decryption using digital

TranSolution  v.1.3

Professional localization add-in for Microsoft Visual Studio. Integrates into Visual Studio itself, allowing a programmer to easily extract all '.resx' strings from any .NET solution and store them in a single file that translators can localize using

Herp Derp for Firefox  v.1.3

Herp Derp for Firefox is a handy and reliable browser addon designed to turn YouTube comments into random strings of 'herp derp'.

KND Decoder  v.

The KND decoder converts those pesky numbers, in the Java applet files from Knuddels to readable strings.

CodeCopy  v.0.1

CodeCopy is a tiny add-in for Visual Studio that will help you convert C# code strings to vb.

TWCrypt  v.1.0

Crypt ocx/ActiveX for VB, Delphi, C++ for strings

File Renamer  v.

Rename all your files and folders, with a lot more options. You can batch rename files, extensions, add or remove strings, numerate filenames, replace strings, and more.. Suports Drag and Drop and has 'undo' function.

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